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  1. Water Supply and Sanitation:  Policy Implementation and Regulatory Framework to Protect the Environment and Public Health in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria
  2. Assessing the Sustainability of Community Managed Rural Water Schemes: The Case of Bamessing, Cameroon
  3. Illegal Mining in Ghana, A Case Study of Tarkwa in the Western Region of Ghana
  4. Evaluation of Indian CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) (sic) Projects—Concepts and Country-specific Strategies
  5. Two Markets for Carbon Offsetting—A Comparative Analysis of the Voluntary and Regulated Carbon Markets (By the Example of Forest Carbon Projects)
  6. The Rule of Law in Germany and Romania - A Comparative Analysis
  7. Environmental Law and Sustainable Consumption and Production
  8. Protection of European Biodiversity From Genetically Modified Crops: Research on the Environmental Risk Assessment in Directive 2001/18/EC on the Deliberate Release of GMOs into the Environment
  9. The development of railway facilities development projects in Germany a legal perspective
  10. The Human Rights and Legal Rights to Water in Palestine
  11. The People v. Persons Inc.: Corporate Criminality in Environmental Offences
  12. Climate Change and Human Health: A Question of Human Rights’ Violation and Policy Implication
  13. Environmental Effectiveness of the Kyoto Flexibility Mechanisms and Their Intended Role in Climate Finance
  14. Assessment of Biomass for Energy Resource Potentials in Ghana
  15. Persistent Organic Pollutants: Indian Scenario, and the Ineffective implementation of Stockholm Convention in India
  16. An Examination of Environmental Compliance in Uganda with Emphasis on the Use of
  17. 45 years of Conservation: A pragmatist’s take on Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972
  18. Legal Efficiency in Combating Deforestation
  19. City Greening: Motives, Concepts and Legal Regulations
  20. A Roadmap to Successful Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reforms in Nigeria
  21. Factors Under Which SMEs Go Beyond Environmental Compliance
  22. Carbon Reduction Strategies of the European Electric Utility Companies (Qualitative Content Analysis of CSR Reporting)
  23. Remunicipalisation: A Comparative Study of Germany and the Czech Republic


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