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                               Strive to thrive, not simply survive.    




"The signature of this Environmental Law Center distinguishes it from others, and gives it usefulness and meaning through five features: First, practice forms theory and theory forms practice.  Although our home is the university, we have members from legal practice and we have contributed and continue to contribute expert opinions and amicus curiae briefs in legal practice.  Second, we are international: we have lawyers from at least two countries each from every continent as members of our center, and nearly that many on our advisory board.  Third, we invite insight from public and private concerns of enviromental law.  Fourth, we maintain that law is a part of culture and is to be practiced and studied as a part of culture, including the citizens whom law serves, not as a set of practices separate from culture.  Fifth and final, our Environmental Law Center is open to insight from all disciplines.  With little reflection, most would come quickly to the realization that an informed study and practice of environmental law without association with the natural sciences is not possible, but we equally make that association with the social sciences and the liberal arts."

Prof. Dr. Kirk W. Junker at the opening of the center, UzK, New Senate Hall, April 6, 2019.